About Me

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My Name is Rommel Santos, and thank you for visiting. I'm a blue chip trained entrepreneur who is accustomed to working with complex problems and delivering solutions. My promise to you is that I will work with you relentlessly until you are completely satisfied with the result.

My Story

My background is in Sales and Marketing for Canada's top brands. I have launched dozens of independent businesses in a highly competitive retail environments and I now design, develop, and provide web marketing services for small and large businesses. I provide agency support without the high price tag of having to support a team.  What I offer you is senior level support, a solid understanding of the market landscape and how I can serve your needs in a thoughtful, organized and rational process.

I got my start from my personal e-commerce website, where I made modest sales as a side business, and to satisfy a personal interest in digital marketing. Since then I began to receive unsolicited referral business, and next thing I knew I was helping start ups by leveraging my skills and experience to enable product launches.