My Recent Projects

I work closely with my clients to ensure that I bring the very best of their brand to life. Clients rely on my expertise in Sales and Marketing to help design sites that make sense for their business. My promise to you is that I will produce the results to your satisfaction, and I will not stop until you are satisfied.

Big Oaks Cottages

Big Oaks Cottages is a family run business located in a popular vacation community. We opted to use family-oriented images on the home page to achieve a family brand. WebWWorks was engaged to update the site that has not been updated in over 10 years. Stock photography was used for many of the images found on the site, but have been retained to photograph the cottages interior elements at a later date. The client direction was to simplify the information which lead to the use several of icons, simplified the rates page, and  minimal internal links.



HealthEZ targets the health and wellness segment, 40+ year old demographic. WebWWorks worked directly with the client’s supplier to construct product images, product descriptions, and we negotiated favorable shipping terms on the client’s behalf. WebWWorks advised the client in the areas of shipping, warranty, and return processes. We have been retained to manage the site and handle customer engagement.


Store Shop

Store Shop is successful B2B drop ship business model that targets retail businesses across Canada. It features over 900 products and variants with dozens of cross links to related products. The challenge was to set up a comprehensive back-end shipping cost structure that ensured fair shipping costs regardless of weight and distance considerations. The client insisted on an easy navigation process and a no-frills design to retain his current customer base. WebWWorks was retained to manage product updates, customer engagement, site maintenance.

CM Consulting

Claire Michaud is a Sales and Marketing Consultant offering services to large enterprise. We advised Claire on brand themes, designed her logo, determined the business’ propositions and how we can best communicate to site visitors. As result we agreed that her skills and experience should be showcased along with key messages at the top, and her teams experience shortly after. Working closely with Claire, WebWWorks wrote a majority of the titles, taglines, statements, and we provided editorial support for team bios.

CM Consulting.jpg

Safe Max

SafeMax is an online store born from the pandemic that imports disinfection devices targeting business that remain open during COVID 19 and beyond.  WebWWoks was brought in at inception to design and develop a site targeting restaurants, senior homes, and manufacturing facilities. We were retained to manage the daily operation of the site and customer engagement.



Currently under development, FutureTel is one of Canada's largest Telecom repair facility. The original website has not been updated in over ten years. WebWWorks has been engaged to design the site with brand elements, simplify the front-end process, present a consumer-friendly theme, install an online store, and integrate a complex database in the backend.


Cube Retail


One of our biggest projects is Cube Retail which features over 1200 products and variants, and hundreds of internal links to related products. Cube Retail targets retail businesses and warehouse operations throughout Canada. WebWWorks determined the brand identity, messaging, and provided copy write support for product descriptions. Prior to our involvement, the client relied heavily on phone, email and print catalogue orders. Business is being diverted to the website and regular email communication is integrated through the site. WebWWorks has been retained to manage website updates, product management, and customer engagement.

Labeling Innovations

Currently under development, Labeling Innovations is the most technically challenging website in terms of design and development. There are over 1500 products and variants with each product having at least one cross-link to a related product. The client wanted a simple, no-frills website that would take the complexity out of user experience in terms of product selection, variations, and the general navigation of the site. The site’s main goal is to allow the client’s existing customer base to order easily and accurately without fear of order errors. Development required a thorough understanding of the client’s products and accessories and skillful understanding of pivot tables and big data manipulation.


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