Angels of the West Indies

Health Care Services

Angels of the West Indies is an organization in Saint Lucia dedicated to supporting those living with Alzheimer and Dementia


Chef Li D'Alesandro

Online Food Delivery

Chef D'Alessandro runs a catering company taking orders exclusively from a close network on Instagram....[click on image]

Online Ordering/Menu/Social Media

CM Consulting

B2B Consultant

Claire Michaud is a Sales and Marketing Consultant offering services to large enterprise....[click on image]


Flower Baths Maui

Flower Baths Service

Flower Bath’s Maui is a unique start up based in Hawaii. They offer a service where clients are offered to create romantic baths using flower petals candles, and other props. Our mandate was to explain the...[click on image]

Book Services

Prism Valley Healing

Mental Health Services

Massage Therapy practice located in New Jersey


Knowing This Ministries

Faith Based Services

Knowing This Ministries is Texas based not-for-profit counselling and coaching organization offering free services...[click on image]


Entrees By Jay

Online Food Service

Entrées by Jay is a new catering business founded by a young entrepreneur. We were retained to completely redesign the site and fix several technical issue in the backend.....[click on image]

Online Ordering/Menu/Social Media

Fold Architecture


WebWWorks was engaged to install an advanced filtering section to improve navigation and customer experience..


Cambria Homes

Custom Home Builder

Cambria is a rebranding project from a previous company. The client is calling for a clean crisp build that show cases their custom home projects in an easy format with large images.....[click on Image]


Sumiksha Immigration

Immigration Consultant

Sumiksha Immigration is a BC based immigration consultant who is joining the highly competitive industry of immigration....[click on image]


Janny's Home Care

Elder Care

One of Jane's websites, she originally contacted us to create and market her new Senior Care business in Southern Ontario, Canada....[click on image]


Janny's Cleaning Services

Home Cleaning Services

Jane's second site was a result from from her Senior Home Care Business. WebWWorks was engaged to create a brand that was aligned with her core business....[click on image]


Your Brand 


Your brand is not your logo. Your brand is what your business is known for, what it does, and the products and services you deliver. Logos are reminders of what your business stands for.