I offer many more services than what’s on this page. My services are flexible, customizable and designed to bring desired results efficiently. I can work within your budget and deliver results with your brand and business objectives and in mind.

Basic Website  

A basic website typically includes a few information pages and a design that uses stock video, images, and basic icons. Starts at $350

Advanced Websites

Advanced websites require special functionality that are not typically found on basic sites. They can include anything from online booking to complex database integration. Price depends largely on the complexity and the client's requirements. Starts at $750.

Improve Functionality

This can include changes and additions to pages, special menus, filtering functions. The price depends on the client's requirements. Starts at $500

Redesign an Existing Site

Redesigning incorporates changes to enable new features, update images, and modernize the site so it's updated, attractive and converts for sales or leads. Price depends on the volume of changes. Starts at $250


Online stores are vastly different sites that require more attention. Many more pages are required for Terms and Condition, Legal, Returns, etc. Product pages could be complex with links and lengthy descriptions. Starts at $500 for up to 10 products.


Optimization helps you convert visitors by creating content, posting new products, improving the shipping structure, changing the descriptions, new content and photos. Price depends on the client's requirements and volume of changes required. Starts at $300.


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